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Grace Ormonde
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Wedding Photography Questions

How early in the wedding planning process should I book a wedding photographer?
What to look for in a wedding photographer?
How do I determine my wedding photography budget?
How do I find the right wedding photographer?
Why is wedding photography so much more expensive now than when my parents got married?
What equipment should our wedding photographer have?
Will our wedding photographer shoot our engagement portrait?
How far in advance do we have to do our engagement photos in order to have a framed portrait displayed at our wedding?
Do wedding photographers offer discounts for off-season or weekday weddings?
Can we upgrade our package after we book our wedding photographer?
Someone I know has offered to do our wedding photography for $700 and give us the digital files. WouldnÕt that be a great way to save money?
Why will our wedding photographer copyright the pictures he takes at our wedding?
Is it better to book a wedding photographer who uses film or a wedding photographer who uses digital equipment?
Can I give our wedding photographer magazine clippings of certain poses I want?
How do I find an affordable wedding photographer?
What is a proof?
Do Photographers Offer Military Discounts?
What are the advantages of the different types of proofing?
There are many specialties within each profession. How many types of wedding photographers are there?
So many wedding photographers say “we do photojournalism.” I don’t get it! Are they all photojournalists?
What is the advantage to having two wedding photographers from the same company shooting simultaneously?
What are the advantages of having a solo photographer?
We don’t need an engagement portrait. Can we ask our wedding photographer for another product or service in place of it?
Do wedding photographers offer separate pricing for really small weddings?
My mom insists on using another wedding photographer for our formal photographs. Is that okay?
What kinds of packages do wedding photographers offer?
What is a la carte pricing?
Will the wedding photographer we want to hire hold our date or call us if someone else requests that date?
What happens with our wedding photographer if we cancel our wedding?
We’re not getting married for quite awhile. Will our wedding photographer refund our money if we cancel the wedding?
Why is there such a price disparity among wedding photographers?
The pros and cons of hiring a larger retail studio VS an independent wedding photographer?

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