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We’ve built a better Virtual Tour

High Definition video started with flat-screen televisions and Blu-ray disks. Then came HD video on YouTube. Now we’ve reached another milestone by offering HD video for your Real Estate and retail store 360 Virtual Tours. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before – and it’s available now from Bright Idea Photography right here in Nanaimo, BC.

Take it for a spin…

Check out these beautiful 360-degree Virtual Tours of this stunning home in Parksville, BC.
For a larger view (opens in a new window) click the following link:
360-degree Virtual Tour

By using high performance web servers we are able to provide the fastest possible download speed for the virtual tour videos. No more waiting for slow poke web servers to deliver the content. And, our Virtual Tours are 100% compatible with iPhone and iPad devices, since our Virtual Tours do not require the Adobe Flash player to be installed.
For an alternative virtual tour (opens in a new window) click the following link:
360-degree Virtual Tour

As a professional real estate photographer located in Nanaimo, BC I shoot still images, videos and create Virtual Tours like this for homes from Victoria to Qualicum Beach.

Live Video Tours – Go Viral!

We can convert your 360-degree Virtual Tours into HD video format so they can be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook and other online websites. We also have the ability to create live, full-motion HD videos such as the one we did for ScanDesigns Furniture in Nanaimo.

Check out our Video Gallery for more examples.

Brand it your way…

You’ve worked hard to develop your own personal brand and image – and we respect that! Unlike other Virtual Tour suppliers we offer the ability to fully customize and brand your virtual tours with your unique logo, colours and design. Check out our Clients page to see a number of examples of local real estate and rental properties that have customized the look and feel of our Virtual Tours. It’s one of the many unique features available exclusively from Bright Idea Photography here in Nanaimo, BC.

Now with 3D SurroundSound!

If you really want to “wow” your website visitors consider using our optional 3D SurroundSound technology to add music and realistic ambient sounds (such as birds, waves, music) to your 360 Virtual Tours.

View Surround Sound Demo
(be sure to turn up your computer speakers!)

HDR Photography

To capture a wider range of light intensity we use a new technology called HDR ( High Dynamic Range ) photography. We capture three separate exposures for each interior and then combine these different exposures into a single HDR image. This creates a more realistic virtual tour – with no more “washed out” exteriors or “gloomy interiors” so your property looks its very best.

Make one great move after another…

You can navigate around our 360-degree Virtual Tours in a number of ways, including using your mouse – or trackpad – on your computer, as well as letting your fingers do the walking – or rather “swiping” – on one of the may hand-held mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Blackberry devices.

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