The thin crescent Moon with the ruddy planet Mars and brilliant planet Venus made a pretty sight this evening around dusk. The Moon was also illuminated by light reflecting off the clouds and oceans of the Earth (something called Earthshine).

This is a 300mm telephoto shot @ f4 using 3,200 ISO and a shutter speed of 1/4 of a second, with a Canon 70D camera mounted on a sturdy tripod.

The shot was taken just a couple of blocks from my home at the new housing development called The Ridge. I had taken some earlier shots with no trees in the foreground, but I liked the added interest they brought to the image from this subsequent location.

Here are a couple of quick iPhone shots of the back of the camera earlier in the evening, when the sky was still quite bright:

IMG_4176 IMG_4194


And, here’s a little chart, created in an astronomy program called SkySafari, that identifies the objects in my later photograph:

click for larger image

Although I normally work as a Real Estate and Portrait photographer in Nanaimo, I still enjoy taking the occasional photo just for personal enjoyment.


Venus and Mars Are Alright Tonight