As part of the Nanaimo Astronomy Society’s public outreach program, the club president Chris Boar invited members to set up telescopes down at Maffeo Sutton Park on Nanaimo’s waterfront walkway.

About 100 members of the public wandered by and stopped for a look through the three solar telescopes that we had set up.

Luckily, the rain clouds (that had been hanging around all morning) parted just as the eclipse started!

Since this was a public outreach event I didn’t think to bring my camera adapter along (doh!) so I made this photo of the eclipsed Sun by simply holding my camera up to the eyepiece of my telescope – amazing it worked at all!

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Read more about the event in the Nanaimo Daily News article here:

Photograph By Aaron Hinks/Nanaimo Daily News

Amateur astronomers engage public during partial solar eclipse (with photos) – News – Nanaimo Daily News


Solar Eclipse from Nanaimo, BC