The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, were out in full force this evening over Nanaimo, BC.

As a professional photographer in Nanaimo, you would think that the last thing I would want to do after a long day of taking professional portraits and architecture photography would be to stay up all night shooting photos. But, that’s what I did!

Just before turning in for the night I had a quick look to the North from my front deck to see if the Northern Lights that had been forecast had materialized. Despite the bright sky from the streetlights here in the city of Nanaimo, I could see a faint glow along the northern horizon.

I grabbed by camera and set it up on a tripod on my deck and took a continuous series of photos from around 1:30am to 2:45am. Each exposure was 30 seconds long at 800 iso, using a wide-angle lens at f2.8.

Shooting a series of exposures like this allowed me to capture the peak display of the aurora, which can last for only a few minutes, in a single frame. But, it also allows the individual images to be strung together to form a time-lapse movie, showing who quickly the aurora changes.

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