Another wide-field photo from my front deck in Nanaimo, BC last night!

Just over the border from Cassiopeia, in the northern constellation Perseus, lies this pair of highly photogenic objects… the “Heart & Soul” nebulae.

The “Heart Nebula”, IC 1805, in the center of this image, lies about 5º NW of the famous Double Cluster in Perseus (which appears in the lower-left of this image). You should just be able to make out the heart-like shape – if you have a good imagination.

The “Soul Nebula”, lies just 2.5º southeast of the “Heart”. While it’s hard to say what a soul should look like, here it is for your visual enjoyment. 🙂

The Perseus Double Cluster is easily visible in binoculars or a small telescope, but the Heart & Soul Nebulae are very difficult to see visually, even in a large telescope due to their low surface brightness.

I took this image using a one-minute exposure with an 85mm f1.8 lens.


Heart & Soul Nebula