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We take headshots very seriously, even though they may seem straightforward.  You only have one chance to make a first impression, it may as well be the best.  People visiting your website or receiving your materials may first get to know you through this one shot.  Focusing almost entirely on the face may seem simple, but in reality it is quite complex.  It can confine you to one lifeless, generic, flat image, or, on the other hand, can capture your essence and convey a wealth about who you really are.

The Experience

Our goal is to simplify your photography experience and make it as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. To begin with, we’ll meet with you to understand your unique vision and style. We’ll help you decide on the type of images that best reflect your individual style. Based on what we learn we’ll help you select the best photography options to suit your needs.

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Amazing Results

To ensure the highest quality images we shoot with only high-quality digital cameras and equipment. A pure digital workflow offers several benefits:

  • High quality images
  • The ability to view your images instantly
  • High-resolution digital files
  • The ability to easily share your images

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Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

The reason for hiring a talented photographer is that so many subtleties can be transmitted through your expression and what is included in the background.  A plain white or black backdrop gives the advantage of the focus being solely on you, and is a lot easier for your graphic artist to integrate into your marketing materials.  However, having a subtle background that suggests your particular industry or environment or aesthetic can create a powerful addition to your message.

For one client who described his target audience as someone who would drive a $150,000 truck, we worked together to create a photograph which would speak directly to that personality type.

People can be very shy, so we do our best to make you completely comfortable and relaxed, either in our intimate studio or at a location of your choice.  We review images with you as the shoot progresses, allowing for as many different changes of clothing as suits you and leaving plenty of opportunity to dissolve any facade, getting closer to the real you.  The important thing is that you feel relaxed enough to be yourself.

We’ve worked with individuals 8 to 80 years old, always bringing out their unique character and spirit in our high quality digital headshots.

Exceptional Value

At Bright Idea we believe that great photography doesn’t have to be expensive. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional value in everything we do. We offer straightforward pricing with no hidden costs.

Environmental Portraits…

If the image you are imagining is more complicated than a traditional portrait or headshot, we can help. We specialize in producing compelling environmental portraiture – which is pro photographer speak for a portrait that includes the surrounding environment, or setting. For example, if you are a doctor, or lawyer wanting a portrait that conveys what you do for a living, then an environmental portrait may be what you are looking for, since it will include some hints of your office, or clinic, or where you deliver your services to clients.

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You’re Covered…

As Feature Home photographers for Homes & Living Magazine many of our images have appeared on the covers of high-quality magazines. If you would like magazine-quality photography for your head shots, consider giving us a call!

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