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At Bright Idea Photography, we do things differently because we believe that great food photography should be delicious, fun and enjoyable. We focus on your unique needs and deliver high quality images and exceptional value.

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As Feature Home photographers for Homes & Living Magazine many of our images have appeared on the cover of high-quality magazines. If you want to savour magazine-quality food photography, you can trust trust our keen eye to detail…  and our ability to capture the unique and subtle features of your culinary creations.

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The Experience

Our goal is to simplify your food photography experience and make it as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. To begin with, we’ll meet with you to understand your unique vision and style. We’ll help you decide on the type of images that best reflect your individual products. Based on what we learn we’ll help you select the best food photography options to suit your needs.

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Great Photography

Great food photography starts with highly skilled and trained food photographers. At Bright Idea Photography we pride ourselves on our keen eye to details… and our ability to capture your individual vision.

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Amazing Results

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To ensure the highest quality images we shoot with only high-quality digital cameras and equipment. A pure digital workflow offers several benefits:

  • High quality images
  • The ability to view your images instantly
  • High-resolution digital files
  • The ability to easily share your images

Exceptional Value

At Bright Idea we believe that great food photography doesn’t have to be expensive. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional value in everything we do. We offer straightforward pricing with no hidden costs.

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