Although I normally live and work as a photographer in Nanaimo, BC I often travel to Vancouver on photography assignments for various clients.

When the weather conditions are just right, I will often get up well before my paid photography assignments start and wedge in some time for my own personal photo projects.

This was just one such morning!

Over the last few days a rather rare temperature inversion has pushed the cloud deck down low over the heart of the city, leaving it shrouded in a thick fog.

Because the weather conditions change so rapidly on days like these (with the fog – possibly – lifting very quickly as the sun comes up) this is a very difficult shot to take when you don’t live in the city full-time. I made several trips to the West Van viewpoint that I had scouted out, with most of my early-morning trips resulting in the city being completely covered in fog, or finding that the viewpoint itself was totally emerged in fog.

Luckily, on this one particular morning, the fog dropped just low enough to allow the Lions Gate Bridge and the tops of some of the higher buildings to poke out of the fog.

This shot was taken around 7:20am, well before the sun started to rise, but with the eastern dawn light causing the sky to glow a bright orange above the city.

This is a single image taken at 70mm, using a Canon 70D.

Foggy Sunrise
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