Another shot from my front deck the other night. This is a one-minute exposure with a 200mm lens.

Easily visible with your naked eye as a faint hazy “star” in the middle of Orion’s sword — a chain of objects that hang down from Orion’s belt, a pattern instantly recognizable by anyone who has gazed up at the winter sky. The nebula is a region of active star formation. Gases, energized from the nearby stars, glow red, the so-called hydrogen alpha emissions. Note the blue region above it — this is a piece of NGC1977, aka the Running Man Nebula.

I work as a professional photographer here in Nanaimo, BC but I still seem to find time in my schedule to work on my personal photographic projects – such as photographing the stars. Astronomy and astro-photography has been a lifelong passion of mine.


Close up of M42 – the Orion Nebula
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