Chris Boar, a friend of mine and an amazing wedding photographer, came up with a creative concept to photograph a bride and groom – at night – on a beach – under a star-filled sky with the Milky Way arching overhead. And, he wanted to do it all in a single exposure – with no Photoshop tricks or composites.

Of course, I was excited to help him realize his vision, even if it meant trudging around on a muddy beach in the pitch black dark of the night.

This photo is a behind the scenes shot I took showing what went in to creating his amazing image.

The photo was taken on the beach by the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, and as planned, Chris managed to create everything in-camera – no Photoshop tricks! I took this photo showing his lighting setup (the main light – a soft box -on the right, and smaller rim light directly behind the bride and groom) with my 15mm fisheye lens.

Read more about the amazing photo Chris took over at his blog:

Behind The Scenes…