Here’s the final version of my 2017 Solar Eclipse video.

The first part of the video was shot in real-time using the 4K video feature of my iPhone. The video starts about 40 seconds before totality begins.

It’s amazing how quickly the light-level dropped in the few seconds before, and after totality.

The voice you can hear in the background announcing the number of seconds until various events came from a very handy app we used called Solar Eclipse Timer, which was running on a iPad nearby.

The last 90 seconds of the video includes the images I shot using the Canon 6D on the 6″ Celestron telescope (with f6.3 focal-reducer) and the Canon 80D with 300mm telephoto lens seen in the video. (I did not include any images from the wide-field time-lapse camera seen in the foreground.)

If you look closely during the last part of the video – during the total phase of the eclipse – you can see the Moon moving across each successive close-up frame, revealing more and more of the solar prominences as it goes.

I hope you enjoy the video!


2017 Total Solar Eclipse 4K Video
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